debt quotes

12 Debt Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

May 26, 2018

Let’s face it. We all have debt. But that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable about it. These 12 debt quotes will make you laugh, see your debt from a different angle, and feel a bit better about yourself.

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quotes about pain

5 Quotes About Pain to Help You Stay Positive During Hard Times

May 23, 2018

Feeling overwhelmed with pain? Check out these 11 quotes about pain to help you stay positive during hard, painful moments.

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vape jokes

4 Hilarious Vape Jokes You’ll Want to Know for the Next Party

May 14, 2018

There is always that guy at a party. You know, the one with a cloud of vape around his head like he’s some kind of dragon. Check out these vape jokes to get a few laughs out of him and your fellow party-goers. Maybe he’ll even put down the vape for a minute.

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money quotes

6 Money Quotes That Can Change Your Life

May 8, 2018

Money remains elusive to many people despite their longing to have a lot of it. At the root of this reality are the mental barriers holding us back. Reading money quotes from successful people can help change that. There are several reasons why people don’t have money. These include economic illiteracy, financial apathy, and entitlement […]

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funny gun quotes

15 Funny Pro-Gun Quotes

May 7, 2018

Are you a gun enthusiast who wants to have a good laugh? Check out these funny gun quotes that you will love and anti-gun people will hate!

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grad school quotes

10 Inspiring Grad School Quotes

May 7, 2018

As a graduate student life can be challenging, but we’re here to bring some encouragement into your day. Check out these inspiring grad school quotes!

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funny sayings

15 Favorite Sayings Kids Have Said That’ll Make You Die Laughing

May 3, 2018

If you’re looking for a good laugh, it is no secret that talking to kids will give you several. Here’s our favorite sayings kids have said that had us in tears!

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law enforcement quotes

Top 15 Law Enforcement Quotes

May 3, 2018

Being in law enforcement is tough but rewarding. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation, check out these top 15 law enforcement quotes.

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camping quotes

10 Adventure and Camping Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip

May 2, 2018

Are you ready to get out and see the great outdoors? Check out these adventure and camping quotes that will inspire you to sleep under the stars.

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trading chart patterns

Weird Trading Chart Patterns Worth Knowing About

April 26, 2018

Found yourself playing the stock game but have no idea what you’re looking at? Trading chart patterns can be extremely complex. Some can only be analyzed by experts. In this short guide, you’ll walk through some of the strangest and rarest patterns in pricing. Trading Chart Patterns Thousands of market participants buy and sell stock […]

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