10 Australian Quotes and Expressions That Will Make You Smile

australian quotes

While some countries have certain people they like to quote, Australia is special because it’s fun to quote the entire country.

In fact, Aussies are known for their casual and funny way of speaking. But what’s so great about them anyway?

Read on for some popular Australian quotes and expressions, and find your favorite!

Australian Quotes You Can Use Yourself

You’ve probably heard of sheilas and wallabies, so we’ve put together a list that strays a little further into Aussie slang.

From the fun and historic to the downright insulting, there’s no denying that the Australians are a creative bunch.

1. “She’ll Be Right”

‘She,’ in this case, has nothing to do with women. Well, sometimes it might, but often it’s just an Aussie’s way of saying the problem or situation will be fine.

Whether your phone drops in a puddle or your car breaks down, don’t worry mate, “she’ll be right.”

2. “I’m Run Off My Feet”

Since this expression means you’re really busy and have a lot to do, it makes complete sense as a metaphor.

Imagine being made to run so much your feet that you just give up and bail. For us, office folks, we guess that our fingers would be the first to leave.

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3. “Have a Captain Cook”

No, not Captain Hook. Captain James Cook was the British bloke who sailed the coasts and mapped Eastern Australia.

This simple act has led to an expression that means to have a look at something. Have a captain cook at some of our other Aussie quotes below.

4. “Do the Harry”

Long story short, Harold Holt was an Australian Prime Minister who kind of just vanished while at sea in 1967. His body was never found, so no one has any idea what happened to him. Many say he got fed up with the responsibilities of leading a country and just bailed.

Let’s say you arrive at a party you were invited to, and within five minutes, you realize it’s boring as hell. So you ‘do the harry’ and disappear without a trace.

5. “I Wouldn’t Piss on Them Even If They Were on Fire.”

Yeah, this is a real expression. It essentially means that you truly hate the person you’re referring to.

You hate them so much that, for example, even if they were on fire, you wouldn’t even piss on them to help them out. Careful who you say this too, though – it could get you into hot water.

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6. “On Ya Bike”

Another choice in your how-to-tell-someone-to-eff-off repertoire. This Australian saying is best served to those who you no longer would like near you.

Essentially, you’re telling someone to get on their bike, cycle away, and leave you alone.

7. “Gone Walkabout”

Aboriginal tribes in Australia have a coming-of-age ritual where young boys are sent to live in the wilderness for up to six months. It’s a test of their manhood – and a test to see if the parents have taught them enough survival skills to make it.

The translation is that these young boys go on a ‘walkabout.’ But now, Australians use the term for anyone who has chosen to go traveling.

8. “Dogs Eye”

This Australian expression refers to their pies. But don’t worry, they don’t mean a real dog’s eye.

Instead, it refers to the hole in the center of the pie that lets the steam escape. Though, you never know if the origin of the phrase has a darker story.

9. “Looking Like a Dog’s Breakfast”

Imagine a big slobbering dog chowing down on a pile of wet, mushy dog food. If the mental image seems kind of gross, then you’ll understand the expression.

It’s often used to describe any situation or place that is chaotic and messy.

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10. “A Few Stubbies Short of a Six-Pack”

A ‘stubbie’ is simply a small beer bottle that is squat and looks like a tree stump if you drink a lot of it and squint really hard. Like beer all over the world, it’s often sold in packs of six.

This expression refers to someone who isn’t particularly smart as if their brain is missing a few important pieces.

On Ya Bike Mate!

There are endless funny Australian quotes and sayings out there – and trust us, the insults can get brutal.

Check out our other articles for more hilarious quotes from people who are clearly a few stubbies short of a six-pack.