15 Favorite Sayings Kids Have Said That’ll Make You Die Laughing

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One side effect of becoming an adult is developing a filter. We can no longer state the obvious or our true opinions without worrying about offending others or losing friends.

But kids don’t have that filter yet. Which leads to plenty of hilarious situations.

From stating the obvious to embarrassing strangers, words from tiny mouths can have a big impact. Social media has become packed with parents sharing their little ones’ hilarious quotes.

Ready for a good laugh? Keep reading to learn our 15 favorite sayings by little kids!

1. Making the Holiday Awkward for the New Girlfriend

Kids can make any situation awkward because they aren’t afraid to ask the questions everyone else is thinking.

A family had sat down at the table to eat dinner on Christmas Eve when little Jennie, age 8, simply pointed out an observation.

Child: “Uncle Tim, what happened to the girlfriend you had here last year?”

2. Stating the Obvious

Our favorite sayings by kids are the ones that you’d least expect.

A mom sat down at a desk to speak with her mortgage advisor with her son, age 7, in tow. The son said hello to the advisor, then felt the need to fill him in.

Child: “I am not her husband.”

3. Being Curious About History

This child simply wanted to know why her dad would be deprived of the job of watching a large purple dinosaur dance across the TV.

Child: “Did they have Barney when you were little?”

Dad: “No.”

Child: “Why, because they had real dinosaurs?”

4. Getting Out of Trouble

This makes the list of our favorite sayings because it’s both clever and hilariously unexpected.

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When he asked his 5-year-old daughter who was sneaking a bite from the cookie jar, she had a clever response already prepared.

Dad: “Who ate all the cookies?”

Child: “Ninjas”

Dad: “I didn’t see them.”

Child: “No one ever does.”

5. Telling Their Parents They Love Them

Kids are great at pointing at the flaws in the English language and using them to make sure that their parents know exactly how loved they are. This clever little one did just that.

Child: “Mommy, I love you five ever.”

Mom: “What’s five ever?”

Child: “It’s more than forever.”

6. Demanding Perfection

Children can be easily amused by the little things, like passing butterfly or a big chair that’s perfect for climbing around on. But they can also carry heavy expectations of performance.

A mom reported this funny quote from her little one who couldn’t get her doll to stand up on her own.

Child: “C’mon Elsa! Get it together!”

7. Showing Compassion

Sometimes kids can be brutal in their honesty. But other times, they can manage to show compassion for items that adults never even give a second thought to. This 2-year-old offered a few words of kindness to a raisin that he found under the couch and carried to the trash.

Child: “It’s ok fella. I’m just gonna throw you away.”

8. Growing Up Too Fast

Despite a parent’s best efforts, kids do eventually grow up and leave their innocence behind. Unfortunately, they also tend to pick up on words and ideas far earlier than they should, without fully understanding what they’ve learned.

That’s exactly what happened when a mom scolded her 4-year-old daughter for jumping out of the car in a busy parking lot without waiting for supervision.

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Mom: “Lily, you’re not supposed to get out until Mommy gets you out!”

Child: “I’m a grown ass woman!”

9. Making a Convincing Argument

When kids want something, they aren’t afraid to go to great lengths to convince their parents that it’s a good idea.

This 8-year-old went straight for the heart in her attempt to convince her mom that she needs a pet!

Child: “I have an empty space in my heart because something is missing. I think I need to fill it with a puppy.”

10. Giving Advice

When you have a problem, you can always count on a kid to give you some advice. Or, if you’re like this lady, you don’t even need to have an issue to get some unsolicited advice from your niece.

Child: “Why aren’t you married yet?”

Aunt: “I haven’t found anyone to marry.”

Child: “You should get in a fancy dress.”

11. Correcting Adults

Sometimes adults assume that because a child is innocent, they can slip something by them without their noticing. But kids are far more observant than you might think!

Soccer coach: “When you are trying to score a goal, kick the ball with the laces of your shoes.”

Child:”Umm, we are in preschool. Dere’s only belcro [velcro] walking around here.”

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12. Admitting They’ve Done Something Wrong

Just because you didn’t catch your child in the act doesn’t mean they won’t freely admit to doing something wrong. This mom may not be happy to have to clean up the mess, but it’s better than having to find out a different way!

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Mom: “Why is the dog’s head all wet?”

Child: “Oh, because I peed on him.”

13. Coming Up With Creative Solutions

Telling a child that they can’t do something won’t always stop them. If it does, you can rest assured that they’re probably going to find a creative way to keep doing whatever they were doing anyway.

When a mom told her kids that they were no longer allowed to say “shut up,” they listened. Instead, they came up with this creative phrase to quiet their siblings.

Child: “Silence you peasant!”

14. Accepting Our Flaws

Kids have a unique ability to ignore physical features that adults might be self-conscious about. This child not only accepted his mom’s flaw but was also jealous of it!

Child: “Mom, it’s not fair that you can grow a mustache and I can’t.”

15. Showing Enthusiasm

One of the greatest joys for parents is seeing their little ones’ excited. When their enthusiasm starts to show, it can also lead to plenty of funny mixups too, like this little one’s slip up!

Child: “Is it fall?”

Mom: “Yep, it’s fall now.”

Child: “[gasping] It’s my favorite seasoning!”

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