4 Hilarious Vape Jokes You’ll Want to Know for the Next Party

vape jokes

We’ve all dreamed of being the life of the party. Who didn’t want to be the class clown cracking jokes and getting all the laughs?

The next time you’re out and see some vapers, you should make some vape jokes. You’ll definitely get a lot of laughs from vapers and non-vapers alike.

Check out these 10 vaping jokes that you can try so you can be “the funny one” of your group.

1. Vape Flavors

Most vapers are proud of their vape juice flavors. Cotton candy, peach tea, gummy bear, you name it they’ve got it.

Making fun of vape flavors and smells is some classic vaping humor. Some vaper not smelling too great? Crack a joke about how they must be using a dirty gym sock vape juice flavor.

You can also make fun of the somewhat stupid names that some flavors have. “Oh, Jimmy, are you smoking blue razzle-dazzle rhinestone tiara berry flavor? Seems really great, dude.”

2. We Get It, You Vape

Vapers can be notorious for not shutting up about the fact that they vape. One of the greatest anti vape memes online is pointing to random people/objects that have smoke/vapor and saying, “We get it, you vape.”

Some great examples are:

  • Chimneys
  • Exceptionally cloudy days
  • When it’s cold out and you can see your breath
  • Bonfires
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Randomly saying, “We get it, you vape” at random people or things is sure to get some laughs, especially if people recognize the meme.

3. One-Liners

There are some great vape one-liners for those times when you got one chance to get that laugh.

“Is that a mod in your pocket, you are you happy to see me?”

“Your mom’s so stupid that she bought a vape pen and tried to write with it.”

“Oh, you’re a blog writer? You know having a vape pen doesn’t make you a writer.”

Try dropping one of these lines to a vaper at a party to get a big laugh from them and your friends.

4. Hipster Jokes

It’s no secret that a lot of people who vape consider themselves hipsters. They think they’re cool because they’re going “against the norm” of cigarettes and pot.

However, this provides a perfect joke set-up: make fun of them thinking they’re cooler than everyone else. Making fun of vaping is easy when you make fun of their elitist attitude.

“Oh, you vape? I actually smoke pure wheatgrass, vaping is kinda old now. Vaping is for “older millennials” you know?”

“Vaping is old news. Taking shots of vape juice is all the rage now.”

Sarcasm is your friend with these types of jokes.

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These Vape Jokes Will Get the Laughs

Vape jokes and vaping are popular right now, especially as there are so many vapers. You smell cotton candy on the street? There’s a 90% chance it’s actually Chad with his vape pen.

These jokes will slay any modern party. Check out some of our other tips and funny quotes so you can maintain the “funny guy” persona at any party.