5 Benefits of Getting Body Massages

body massage

Over 70% of consumers agree that massage therapy is a form of health care. Having a body massage can not only help you lower stress but also can help you reduce pain.

There are 80 massage therapy styles to choose from, all of which involve the massage therapist using their hands and fingers to rub soft tissue on your body.

No matter which technique your massage therapist uses, getting a body massage is an excellent choice for helping you relax and deal with many health conditions.

We’ll tell you about five benefits you’ll get from a massage.

Why You Should Get a Body Massage

Most people think of massages as something you get only at spas or health clubs. But massages are also widely available at clinics and hospitals as part of treatment for a range of medical conditions.

Here are to top benefits of body massages.

1. Stress Reduction

Getting a massage can help reduce anxiety. When you’re under stress, your body produces cortisol which is a well-known stress hormone.

Cortisol can cause headaches, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and even digestive problems.

Massage therapy is known to lower cortisol levels and help ease these problems.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Receiving a regular massage can help reduce your blood pressure, lowering your risk for fatal conditions like heart attack and stroke, commonly associated with high blood pressure.

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To get this benefit, it is best to get regular massages which will help you relax and support the lower blood pressure.

3. Promote Muscle Relaxation

By targeting painful areas caused by tense muscles, body to body massages can increase flexibility and lower pain.

The massage will increase the blood flow to the affected muscles and promote more rapid healing by bringing increased nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissue.

A body massage will also help release endorphins which are pain-reducing hormones, allowing you to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

4. Improving Posture

Improper posture often causes chronic back, neck, and muscle pain. A key benefit of massage therapy is helping your body get back into proper alignment.

Because a massage relaxes and loosens muscles and relieves pain, you can assume a proper body posture without pain.

Better posture will also allow you to have greater joint flexibility as your joints will be able to move freely without aggravating sore muscles.

5. Strengthening Your Immune System

If you’re subject to high amounts of stress, you’ll be more likely not to sleep or eat properly, leading to digestive disorders.

Regular massage therapy sessions not only reduce stress which impacts eating and sleeping patterns, but they also boost your body’s immune system and the ability to fight off bacterial and viral illnesses.

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Regular body massages also help improve your body’s ability to deliver nutrients to muscles and cells and improve your overall wellbeing.

Give Massage Therapy a Try

There are many benefits to receiving regular massage therapy. They offer essential health benefits and can be combined with other nontraditional medical treatments to improve your wellbeing.

Feel free to contact us today and let us know what you’d like to know more about.