5 Best Social Ad Practices for Your CBD Company

social advertising

Looking to use social advertising to market your CBD company and bring in more customers?

Did you know that 62% of small businesses report that Facebook advertising miss their targets?

Social media advertising for CBD products can be tricky, especially on Facebook.

To help you get results, here are the 5 best social advertising methods for your CBD company.

1. Pay Attention to Advertising Policies

Advertising policies across many social platforms can be strict, especially on Facebook.

Facebook has specific guidelines that prohibit drug-related products. So even though CBD oil is perfectly legal and weed is legal in some areas, Facebook might disapprove ads or disable accounts that are trying to sell it.

It’s important to keep these policies in mind when creating ad copy and creatives to attract potential customers to your business.

2. Have a Sales Funnel

Advertising on social media is a little more complex than just creating a Facebook status from your company page.

Considering Facebook’s advertising policies, your best bet for advertising your CBD company is to create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel typically starts with free content at the top of the funnel. Next, potential customers walk through the customer journey process.

For example, if you’re advertising a free PDF guide on how CBD oil works, you could then follow up with leads by email encouraging them to shop here.

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3. Interest-Based Targeting

Most social advertising platforms have an interest-based targeting component.

This allows you to serve ads to people that are interested in certain products, influencers, or companies related to your niche.

In the CBD industry, targeting people that are interested in health and wellness, the Top Shelf CBD page, and interests such as Chron’s disease research may be good starting points.

4. Split Testing

Once the targeting for your CBD company ads is set up, the next step is setting up proper split testing.

Split testing by age, gender, and demographics is a simple strategy to help avoid burning through ad spend on one audience.

By split testing, you can allocate small advertising budgets to test out a variety of audiences. You can then monitor the performance of each audience and turn off the ones that aren’t performing well.

Once you’ve found a few audiences that are working well, you can simply scale up the daily budget and reach more people with your ads!

5. Retargeting

Almost everyone is familiar with the little advertisements that follow them around the internet after viewing a product on websites like Amazon.

These ads are called retargeting ads.

CBD companies can easily set up retargeting ads so that people who visit your website are served ads as they browse social media.

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To get started, you’ll need to set up the Facebook pixel on your website. The pixel tracks your website traffic.

From there, you can set up ads to remind users of your CBD products, bring them back to your blog, or serve them educational content as time goes on!

Ready to Ramp Up Your Social Advertising?

By keeping these 5 advertising methods in mind, you’ll be on track for digital marketing success for your CBD company!

Which strategy will you implement first?

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