5 Embarrassing Facebook Posts That Will Get You Fired

embarrassing facebook posts

There are over 1.4 billion active users on Facebook every single day.

From photo sharing updates to posts about new job changes, people use Facebook as a platform to interact with friends about many topics.

Did you ever think about the embarrassing Facebook posts you or your friends have accidentally allowed to be published online in recent times?

These five embarrassing Facebook posts are definitely ones that will get you fired from your job, so stay clear of making any of these mistakes!

1. Posting Drunk Photos of Yourself

Those late nights out on the town with your friends? Back in college, posting these to Facebook would be hilarious reminders of your late-night drunken adventures, but as you build your career, you need to stop adding these embarrassing Facebook posts at once.

You could be fired for going out one night when you were supposed to be turning in paperwork that same night.

If your co-workers or even your boss checks your Facebook feed, he or she can easily find exactly where you were partying the night away instead of submitting your final draft of an important document.

Even if you are not the one to post the photos, make sure your friends understand not to post them on their own Facebook pages and tag you in them.

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This example of foolishness will get you fired, so communicate with your friends before you all start drinking and posting everything on the Internet for all to see.

2. Updating Your Status While on the Clock

Productivity at work continues to decline because of the rise in social media. You want to keep your day job, right?

Make sure to limit the number of times you check your phone and Facebook status while at your desk.

It’s important to scroll through your long Facebook feed during off-hours of the day instead of times when you could be scheduling meeting with clients. From 9-5 you need to stay off your phone and be as productive as possible while on the clock.

3. Be Careful Responding to Inappropriate Photos

When a funny photo pops up on your feed, you have to understand that any number of your friends will see your response.

Leaving comments on photos are public actions. The photo of new vape juice on brokedick.com is not meant for the workplace because you should be shopping online on your own time.

Respect the company you work for and think about how you represent them all over social media. Maybe text your friend a private link to the photo instead of responding to it publically, too.

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4. Embarrassing Facebook Posts Include Complaining About Co-workers

Nothing shouts poor teamwork like ranting about your disdain for your co-workers on Facebook.

Yes, not everyone will get along on the job, but venting about your co-workers online is not the right way to handle the issues at hand.

It’s yet another way you could be fired from your job because nobody has time to be passive-aggressive with their problems.

5. Making Racist or Culturally Inappropriate Remarks

Examples of students facing expulsion over racist remarks continue to sweep across college campuses in the United States.

Don’t think your job isn’t at risk if you also make these types of remarks while on the job.

Most workplaces do not stand for this behavior and you will face severe consequences if you make racist comments in front of customers or even through Facebook posts.

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