5 Get-well Ideas For Your Best Friend With The Flu

get-well ideas

get-well ideas

Is your best pal laid up and miserable with the flu?

Being sick is frustrating. But trying to lift the spirits of someone who’s sick is frustrating too. Just in a different way.

You want to cheer them up, but you aren’t impressed with the same old get-well ideas.

So what do you do?

Try Some of These Innovative Get-Well Ideas

The following five get-well ideas go beyond flowers and cards to give your friend some cheer. At least for a little while.

1. Create A Special First Aid Box

We’re not talking about the standard first-aid box full of sterile pads, gauze, and band-aids. This is a lot more whimsical.

So what’s going in this box?

Think about popping in things like chicken noodle soup, ice packs, crossword puzzles, even jars with jelly beans or lemon drops that look like Rx bottles. These are all easy products to find too – whether it’s at a big chain drugstore, or up the street at Hurricane Pharmacy, for example.

Then find a large plastic box that will hold all of these supplies and paint or adhere a big red cross onto the top of it. Your friend will be tickled with this gift. You may even get a laugh.

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2. Put Together A Spa Basket

Your sick friend can’t get out of the house, so bring the spa to him or her.

Fill up a basket with relaxing lotions, llavender bath salts, and soaps with warm and comforting scents. Include a diffuser with some calming oils.

And don’t forget the pumice stone, loofah and massage tools.

This refreshing spa kit will pamper your ailing friend from head-to-toe and get them feeling better in no time.

3. A Jar Full of Positive Messages

There’s strength in words. So imagine the healing effect of a positive message every few hours.

This gift is so simple but so powerful.

You need only a decorative jar that will fit the personality of your friend, slips of paper, a pen, and brightly-colored tissue paper to tuck around the ends of the jar.

Then find a website with inspirational quotes and jot down your favorites on those slips of paper. Fold them and stuff them in the jar. Your friend can reach in there and pull out a strip of inspiration every time he or she is feeling low.

4. A Small Box of Gift Cards

If your friend’s illness has left them not wanting to eat much, they may be getting to where they’re looking forward to eating real food again.

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Buying a few gift cards to their favorite restaurants gives them something to look forward to and could even motivate a more speedy recovery.

Plus, if you’re lucky, your friend will take you out to one of those places when he or she is better!

5. A Personal Assistant of Sorts

We don’t mean an actual person.

But with the advent of Siri and Alexa and all the others, it’s easy to find portable versions that can be used when illness causes limited mobility.

With one of these, your friend can speak commands to their technological personal assistant to carry out all kinds of tasks, such as tuning into a movie, playing music, turning down lights or even ordering a pizza.

All without having to drag their weary body from the couch – except, of course, to get that pizza from the delivery person.

Help Your Friend Feel Better

We hope these get-well ideas boost the spirits of your friend as he or she is getting better.

And if you feel like you want some of your own inspiration, keep checking back with us. We have a lot of good things to say!

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