5 Quotes About Pain to Help You Stay Positive During Hard Times

quotes about pain

Although pain is an undeniable part of life, sometimes, it hits you harder than you know how to handle. This may be due to a physical injury or an emotional situation, but either way, it’s a serious thing to struggle with.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to put yourself in good spirits. When it comes to physical pain, usually recovery is just a matter of finding the right doctor and treatment for your issue and letting time do the rest. In terms of emotional pain, time really is one of the best healers.

Reading quotes about pain can also help. Here are five of the best quotes on pain in life to help get you through whatever’s got you down.

1. “A Problem Is a Chance to Do Your Best” – Duke Ellington

Maybe the pain you’re feeling is just stress and anxiety, which can cause headaches and other strong tensions in the body. But, all you need to do is keep pushing to make the pain go away!

Take a moment to think about your problem and all the possible solutions for it. Clear your mind, then pick the best possible solution and get to work. You’ll likely end up surprising yourself at how well you’re able to overcome whatever is going on.

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2. “Ask Not for Lighter Burdens, but Broader Shoulders” – Jewish Proverb

Speaking of overcoming a burden, remember that most problems are handed to us for a reason. Regardless of the higher power you believe in (or don’t), life has a way of working itself out.

The key is to stay balanced and focused when you feel like you’re given an extra dose of pain or suffering. There’s still a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how strong the burden feels right now.

3. “An Airplane Takes off Against the Wind, Not with It” – Henry Ford

This quote is reassuring when you feel burnt out. Pain has a way of discouraging you and affecting other things in your life. Still, when it seems like all the odds are against you, hope remains and healing is available.

4. “The Difference Between Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones Is How You Use Them”

Sometimes, those “odds against you” are really just opportunities ahead of you. It’s just a matter of how you perceive whatever you’re going through.

Try to change your attitude and see what kind of results you have. You obviously can’t just wish a broken bone away or instantly heal a broken heart, but you can find the silver lining to make the situation a little easier on you.

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5. “Find a Place Inside Where There’s Joy…

…and the joy will always burn out the pain.” – Joseph Campbell.

Of all the pain quotes on this list, this one is arguably the most reassuring. It reminds you that despite how daunting or intense of a pain you’re feeling, you still have the power to create joy in your life.

The true happiness lies within, underneath all the things floating around in your mind and affecting your body. Learn to tap into this “place inside of you” and all your struggles will suddenly feel lighter, even if they don’t go away just yet.

Quotes About Pain, Joy, and Everything in Between

It’s funny how reading quotes about pain can actually make your pain feel less intense. Hopefully, these quotes have given you a fresh point of view on the challenges you’re facing right now and can help you reach a happier place again.

If you need a laugh, though, check out these funny quotes to make things better.

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