7 Hairdresser Quotes for Social Media

hairdresser quotes

hairdresser quotes

Over 2 billion people are on social media today.

As a stylist, you need to tap into your local visitors using the power of social media to draw in more sales.

Why not add some life and personality to your various social media accounts with some hairdresser quotes to make people interested in your services?

Read our top 7 hairdresser quotes for social media that can drive customers to your salon right now.

1. “Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”

This first quote holds true for everyone. We all are born with hair to style and take care of every single day.

Hairdresser quotes like this one are important to include on salon websites for social media traffic. Something as obvious as stating similarities between hair and wearing a crown can really draw in an audience.

2. “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”

Yet another option for a hairdresser quote to display on social media platforms describes how life is messy but a good hairstyle can be a simple fix to boost your mood. If you are experiencing hair loss, definitely do some research to learn more info about your options.

This quote goes on to illustrate how yes, life isn’t perfect, but when you walk into my salon I can show you how to improve your look as I wash and blow dry your hair.

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3. “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair”

This quote contains a lot of sass! If you are looking for a fun quote to add to your Instagram profile, this one is the best.

Show off your amazing skills by injecting these quotes into your Instagram captions where you display photos of your work, too.

4. “Everything feels better after a haircut”

The feeling of getting a haircut can be fantastic.

From head massages to shampooing, the entire process feels as if you were spending time at a luxurious spa.

Let your customers understand how much time and energy you will put into making their experience worthwhile with exciting quotes like this one.

5. “Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment”

Yet another way to promote yourself through social media is by using fun quotes like this one.

You are telling your customer to book an appointment with you to receive e great hair services courtesy of your hands.

6. “A good haircut will often solve a lot of problems”

Let people know that you can help them achieve time to themselves once they visit you for a nice haircut. Taking the extra time out to focus on yourself is not something everyone does.

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Unfortunately, people get caught up in the day to day activities and forget to think about what they need to make themselves a priority these days.

Haircuts are the perfect way to spend alone time pampering yourself, so include this quote in your Facebook posts as a daily reminder to your followers.

7. One of the Best Hairdresser Quotes: “Life is too short to have bad hair”

One final example of a great quote to display on your social media profiles lets your customer know that life is too short to wake up to bad hair!

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