7 Hot Sexting Tips for Beginners

sexting tips

You may be surprised to discover that 50 percent of people have sent a racy picture to a lover, or a dirty text to a crush.

This may reassure you that you’re not the only one out there sexting. But this doesn’t make sexting any easier. After all, communicating with someone you fancy is difficult at the best of times, nevermind when sexting.

But there’s no need to worry. With these 7 sexting tips for beginners, you’ll be a pro sexter in no time!

1. Turn off Message Previews

We’ve all been there when a pop-up comes up on your smartphone’s screen and someone catches a glimpse of the message preview. This can be quite awkward when you’re in the middle of a sex chat.

This can all be avoided by turning off your message previews. If you don’t already know how to do this, check out this page for changing the settings onĀ Apple products.

2. Always Proofread!

Sexting is a serious business. You definitely don’t want to write anything you regret.

Try not to be too distracted by other things going on. After all, a typo or mistaken autocorrect can ruin the sexy mood.

3. Be Yourself

It’s easy to feel the pressure to send nudes and say things you wouldn’t normally say. But one of the most important sexting tips is – be yourself!

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That’s why you don’t have to say sexy words that make you feel uncomfortable. Sexting can be much more subtle than this.

4. Choose Pics Wisely

As we know, sexting is all about words. It doesn’t take long before you’re asked to send a pic. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a nude. Do what feels right!

The trick is to keep them wanting more. That means a sexy new top or a bit of cleavage is often more than enough.

5. Let Your Imagination Run Wild

We all know that lying is bad. But, when it comes to sexting, it’s a must. You have to use your imagination to really explore the boundaries of sexting.

Combining the truth with a little bit of fantasy is a great recipe for an exciting sexting session.

Don’t worry about describing some sexy underwear to your partner, even if you’re in your cozy PJs.

6. Build Up to Sexting

Some of the best sexting conversations you’ll have will start with a casual and friendly chat about your day. You don’t have to go straight into the sexting.

It could also start by saying that you miss the other person or you’re feeling quite lonely. It’s amazing how a perfectly normal chat can turn into something hot and sexy.

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7. End on a High Note

It takes a smooth operator to end a sexting chat on a high note. The best way to avoid any awkward goodbyes is to keep your partner wanting more.

You could make a promise to resume your chat another day or maybe an even bigger promise that involves you wearing a sexy item from the Sexy Kitten – Adult Store catalog.

The Top Sexting Tips

With these top tips, you can confidently go into the world of sexting with the know-how to impress your lovers and partners.

If you’re looking for advice on romantic texts, check out our blog post of romantic SMS messages.