7 Inspiring Networking Quotes to Keep You Motivated

networking quotes

When in business it’s tough to make connections and network, especially if you are new at it. Whether you’ve been networking for years or just began, sometimes you need a push and some motivation to get you in the right mind frame.

Here are 7 inspiring networking quotes that will motivate you for your next big event, professional or otherwise. Continue reading and prepare for inspiration!

1. “The choice isn’t between success and failure; it’s between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity.” – Keith Farrazzi

Oftentimes, people focus so much on either succeeding or failing that they are scared to take a risk. As Keith Farazzi points out, it isn’t about succeeding or failing at all.

It’s about taking the chance and striving to become the best you or risking nothing and being ordinary. When you have the choice, always choose risk.

2. “A networking event is a farmer event, not a hunter event. You’re there to plant seeds and cultivate your garden, not bag prey.” – Sandy Jones-Kaminski

This quote by Sandy Jones-Kaminski puts into perspective what networking really comes down to. It isn’t always about leaving with new opportunities right away.

Networking and making connections is about the potential growth you can have and your future. Plant the seeds now; worry about bagging the prey later.

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3. “Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.” – Christine Comaford-Lynch

Networking isn’t only about finding new people and opportunities that will work for you; it’s also about letting other people see what you can do for them.

Show them why you’re amazing at what you do and why stay true to yourself.

4. “Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know.” – Sallie Krawcheck

As the old saying goes, it’s about what you know, not who you know. Or is it?

Sallie Krawcheck has something different to say and she might be on to something. Networking has much to do about where you go and how far you succeed. It also expands your knowledge about who you might and what you learn.

5. “Stay open to changing your perception of people as your connection with them grows.” – Michelle Lederman

First impressions aren’t always the right ones. Michelle Lederman reminds us to keep our mind open to changing our opinion as relationships deepen. This is true not only for networking but for everyday life.

6. “Be present. Be meditative. Form real friendships. Stay away from business networking events or friendships where there is always an underlying business angle.” Naval Ravikant

We know networking is done mostly in the business world for business reasons, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Make sure you take time to follow Naval Ravikant’s advice and form relationships and friendships outside of the business world too.

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Remember, sometimes its more about making the connection than where the connection might lead to.

7. “Embrace your possibilities, not your potential failures. You get what you expect.” – Michelle Lederman

We began by talking about success and we’ll end there too. There are so many possibilities for you, the only thing stopping them is your fear of failure.

Inspiring Networking Quotes

Networking and making connections in the business world have become essential in growing and furthering your knowledge and career. It isn’t always easy, especially if social interaction isn’t your best quality.

Hopefully, these 7 inspirational networking quotes will motivate you the next time you need to make connections. For more inspirational quotes, check out our website!