9 Eye-Opening Quotes About Drugs

quotes about drugs

Addiction is kind of like cancer. It can affect anyone at (pretty much) any age, and it has a way of taking a toll on the people around the individual involved, too. It’s not easy to stand by and watch and even harder to take on.

But, some people still don’t understand the danger of drugs and fall into addiction. Their choices turn into a complex medical condition, changing how the mind and body relate to a drug and making it even harder to walk away.

If you know an addict or someone who is at risk of becoming an addict, share these quotes about drugs with them to help them get their life back on track.

1. “Drugs Are a Bet with Your Mind” – Jim Morrison

Although addiction develops into more than just a choice, it begins with a conscious decision. When a person chooses to try alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, or other drugs, they’re placing a bet on their mind. This is a bet in which there is no winner.

You can only go so long feeling fine and enjoying your high until the negative effects of drugs start to set in. The comedown will leave you feeling worse than you did when you wanted the drug, or it will increase your craving for it more and more.

2. “I Was More Addicted to Self Destruction Than to the Drugs Themselves” – Gerard Way

It’s important to note that addicts aren’t exactly addicted to a drug, per say. Some addicts are honestly addicted to self-harm. They’ve fallen into a spiral of shame, doubt, heartache, or some other intense, painful emotion; this is what they’ve become addicted to.

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It makes no sense from the outside looking in, and for the addict themselves, it’s a complex, painful situation to communicate. Not only do they have to give up the drug their body has become used to using, but they then have to face their past and the emotions associated with it to move forward.

3. “The Result Is the Same: Addiction” – William S. Burroughs

Whether someone argues their situation is an emotional toil or a physical craving, it’s still an addiction. Addiction does no good for the body or the mind.

It changes how you see the world around you and interact with it, and how you behave with yourself, too. It separates you from the things you love and the person you really are.

4. “Every Time I Draw a Clean Breath, I’m Like a Fish out of Water” – Narcotics Anonymous

Of all the drug quotes on the list, this one best captures the experience of addiction. Not only does the drug change who you are, but it makes you feel beside yourself when you don’t have it. It makes you feel a growing need for drug use as time goes on, making it harder to walk away.

5. “There Is No Quick-Fix. There Is No Band-aid Big Enough for [This] Life” – Daniel Abbott

Whether a person picks up the bottle out of pain or becomes addicted to painkillers after a medical procedure, they have to understand that drug can’t fix everything. Most of the time, drugs actually make matters worse.

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Sure, they can be used for good as painkillers after medical procedures or for certain treatments that have been discussed with doctors. But, experimentation or self-medication takes a person down a dark path. You can click for more info on the former, in the event that you need a drug that has been prescribed to you.

6. “Drugs Are Not Always Necessary. Belief in Recovery Always Is” – Norman Cousins

While there is an argument for certain drugs in specific cases, there is a counter-argument for addiction. Most people place blame on addicts or judge them for their condition. In reality, the best thing you can do if you know an addict is to be there for them.

Belief and hope are always stronger than addiction. They don’t make the problem go away, but such support does give an addict the strength to seek the recovery they need.

7. “Every Drug Increases and Complicates the Patient’s Condition” – Robert Henderson, M.D

Sometimes, addicts get prescribed a specific drug to help with their recovery. This may sound a little backward at first, but it can be beneficial to take something during the withdrawal period or to curb cravings.

This should only be done under the watchful eye of professional withdrawal and rehabilitation personnel, though. Otherwise, the addict risks making their matters worse. Even with the appropriate support system, things become much more complex on the road to recovery when other drugs enter the picture.

8. “Here’s a Solution: Just Say No” – Kurt Vonnegut

Here’s one way to solve an addiction: prevent it from happening in the first place. The best thing to do is say no. It’s not worth “betting with your mind”, as mentioned in the first of all the quotes about drugs listed here.

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You may feel like you’re missing out at first, but honestly, you’re investing in your future. Addiction can turn your life upside down much faster than you think; it’s better to stay on the path you’re already on and not let drugs get in your way.

9. “Drugs Are a Waste of Time” – Kurt Cobain

This drug quote might be a bit surprising, considering Kurt Cobain was a known user of many things. But, he also died from an overdose.

Between his quote and his parting from this world, one can tell that he knew there was a much more serious side to drugs than a “fun time.”If anything, use his words and his actions to stay away from drugs, not as an encouragement to try them.

Quotes About Drugs, Pain, and Getting Better

Many people fall into addiction because they’re looking for a way out. They want to numb a certain kind of pain they feel, or sometimes, make themselves feel even more out of guilt or shame.

But, there is a better way to approach healing and to conquer pain. Use these quotes about drugs if you’re ever thinking of turning to substances for a solution. When these aren’t enough, check out this article on quotes for pain.