Amazing Birthday Wishes For Friend 2017

We can choose friends with whom we can spend our time. Not every person can be loyal and faithful to you. If you have got good friends zone, then you must a very lucky person. You’d Love to be with them and face everything together. It’s a real friendship to be always affectionate, loyal and supportive to each other.
So today is the day when your good friend came in this world. You’re too lucky to have a best friend like him. It’s your friend’s birthday, and it’s the best time to wish him/her to show them how much you love them and care about them.
We arrange some Birthday Wishes For Friends 2017. Scroll down from here and pick out the best one to wish them on them birthday to make them feel fantastic and make them commemorate. Hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

1 ) If our friendship was a legal contract, it would be just five words – I’ll Be There For You. Happy birthday.

2 ) With a friend like you by my side I feel like I can take on whatever challenges life throws at me. Happy Birthday!

3 ) Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day.

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4 ) For many people, the word friend is just a sequence of letters. For me, it is the source of happiness and strength because of you. Happy Birthday, buddy!

5 ) If Facebook was a real thing, mine would have just one friend – YOU. Happy birthday.

6 ) It is hard to believe so many years have already passed. I am glad we’ve been friends for so long. Happy Birthday to the best!

7 ) Finding your value in my life would be like finding water in the ocean – it’s always there. Without you, I would be empty. Happy birthday my friend.

8 ) Whether you enjoy walking through Hallmark, looking inside all of the birthday cards to find the right one, prefer to send an e-Card to your friend on his or her special day, or even like making your own, there are many different ways you can make a message that is just the right to wish well for your friend. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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9 ) Happy birthday to someone who helps make my life truly amazing.

10 ) When you are not around me I feel unlucky. With you by my side, I feel happy and free. Happy birthday mate.

11 ) Wishing all the best to someone who makes life so much better.

12 ) I promise to light up your life even after you blow the candles away. Happy birthday.

13 ) Best friends like you are parents, teachers and lovers all combined into one magical personality. Happy birthday.

14 ) You are a true friend, so please don’t change ever! Happy Birthday, and may every wish you have come true!

15 ) By your examples, you have shown us goodness and light and truth. I know you will continue to be a shining example as you face another year. Thank you for being you, and happy birthday, dear one.

Birthday Wishes For Special Friend

16 ) Thanks for hearing the words I never said, and understanding my mind which no one else has ever read. Happy birthday to my bestie.

17 ) Isn’t life ironic? I am celebrating the countdown towards death, of the same person without whom I would be unable to live life. Happy birthday.

18 ) There’s no greater friendship than the one I have with you. Wishing my best friend the best birthday ever.

19 ) Happy birthday to the friend who knows me like no one else does, and is that person in my life who no one else can be.

20 ) It’s a beautiful thought thinking of how long we have known each other. Best friends since childhood and I am certain into old age, we will be celebrating together for years to come. Happy birthday, dear friend!

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21 ) Dear friend, it is your birthday today, and I just want to tell you how special you are for me. Remain the way you are and time will never put its mark on your beautiful soul! Happy Birthday!

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22 ) Your birthday gives all the people whose lives you’ve improved, a designated day to tell you how happy we are that you entered the world on this day.

23 ) We’ve been through the best of times and worst of times, and I’ll continue to stand by your side no matter what. Happy birthday to my best friend.

24 )  (From one girl to another) My best friend – the person with whom I would have definitely made out if she was a guy. Happy birthday bestie.

25 ) The passing of time didn’t change you. You remained the most beautiful person I ever known. Happy birthday my dear friend!

26 ) I want you to know that you mean so much to me and I cherish the friendship that we share with each other. Wishing a truly awesome birthday to my greatest friend.

27 ) Birthdays come around every year, but a friend like you only comes along once in a lifetime. I’m so glad that we’ve become best friends. Happy birthday.

28 ) The last time I blew the candles on my birthday cake, I wished for a friend who’d look out for me and stay with me through thick and thin. My wishes came true, when I found a friend in you. Happy birthday.

29 ) Here’s to another year of celebrating our amazing friendship. I treasure all of the memories that we have together and look forward to new ones. Happy Birthday to my best friend in the world.

30 ) Just like how wine is incomplete without having something on the side to munch, without you my life simply does not pack a punch. Happy birthday to my best friend.

Birthday Wishes For Friend Male And Female

31 ) Our friendship is like the Sun. Even when you can’t see me, I’m always shining for you. Happy birthday.

32 ) Having you as my best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You’re the best. Happy birthday.

33 ) You deserve the best life has to offer. Thanks for being such a supportive friend. I hope you have a great Birthday!

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34 ) Childhood passes do quickly. I am so glad we were friends then and that we still are. May your day be as special as you!

35 ) Let’s make your birthday a day that you will always remember. Happy Birthday, my friend! We have some serious partying to do, so let’s get to it!

36 ) Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – these are the only times I think about you. Happy birthday my friend.


37 ) Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my best friend who keeps giving, even when [he/she] knows that I don’t have much to give in return.

38 ) Today is the beginning of another great adventure. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. Enjoy this special day.

39 ) The world was never the same the day you were born. As your best friend, I’m glad that day happened. Happy Birthday, my friend! Live long and prosper!

40 ) Good friends don’t just get old. They only get better as they age, like a fine wine. Wishing you a birthday full of joy.

41 ) Cheesecakes, tiramisu and gooey tarts – may your life be as sweet as these goodies is the wish I make with all my heart. Happy birthday.

42 ) It’s your birthday. Party like you’re turning 21 (even if that was ages ago). Don’t worry; you really look young for your age. It must be all that clean living and good cheer you’ve been practicing. Have a great day as you always do.

43 ) You are much more than a friend to me, you are like the [brother/sister] that I never had. Happy birthday my [brother/sister].

44 ) I wish you all the things I know you want. I wish this from the bottom of my heart, my wonderful friend!

45 ) Because I have a friend like you, every day feels like a holiday. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday like it’s the most important day of the year!

46 ) Happy birthday to my best friend! Here’s to another year of girl’s nights out. Let’s get started on another fabulous year!