Funny Office Quotes from Your Favorite Show That Align With Your Own Office

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There are times when an office quote from your favorite show lines up perfectly with real life at your office. You just want to burst out with one of Michael Scott’s famous lines, or Dwight’s rants. So, for those times, here is a list of the best funny quotes from The Office.

Best Quotes for Any Occasion

Winc office supplies take things pretty light. Like Dunder Mifflin, they value laughing, joking, and having fun. Life should be filled with jokes about life, love, politics, gaming, work, even funny quotes about sleep.

Any occasion is a good one for laughter.

The Office Quotes

No matter if you work at Google or a call center, the people you work with can get on your nerves.

Like, when that guy in the kiosk next to you is making loud, gurgling sounds all afternoon. Or, when three separate supervisors are nagging you for deadlines, you just feel like…

“Sometimes I feel like everyone I work with is an idiot. And by sometimes, I mean all times. All the time. Every of the time.” – Kevin Malone

Every office has the loud person. The one who’s foghorn voice seems to bounce off the walls like lasers and echo through the entire floor, and you want to be, like…

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“Every word out of your mouth is like the squawk of an ugly pelican.” – Erin Hannon

Every once and a while, there is that coworker who seems over-eager to climb the corporate ladder, so, they decide to boss around people they have no authority over. While you smile and nod, you have to fight the instinct, to say…

“Talk to me like that again and I’ll cut your face off.” – Erin Hannon


“I hate looking at your face. I want to smash it.” – Michael Scott

There are the slave-driver bosses, that push too hard…

“Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice, strike three.” – Michael Scott

… and the pseudo-guru bosses that coddle too much. Like, when your boss calls you into their office to have a “chat” about your performance. You’re not doing anything wrong, but they think you could do better, and you want to say…

“You are the reason I drink. You are the reason I live to forget.” – Meredith Palmer

For Inspirational Times

But, all offices are not a living torture. There are good times too. After all, for all his flaws, Michael Scott tries, really hard to be…well, a lot of things. And he even succeeds, sometimes…

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“Sometimes you have to take a break from being the kind of boss that’s always trying to teach people things. Sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing.” – Michael Scott

In the best of times, the office can have a free, almost alternative vibe. It helps to loosen the collar when your boss puts it all in perspective.

“Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order.” – Michael Scott

For the Rest of the Time

On the days when you are stressing over rollbacks and downsizing, just remember what a wise man once said:

“People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake. And to me the choice is easy.” – Michael Scott

And, for all of the times when you feel lost, scared, unsure, and out-of-place remember that you are not the only one. After all, as Michael once said…

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

And, for the times we find the sweet rewards of success…

“I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.”

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Final Thoughts

During your weekly office grind, get a few laughs in from some funny office quotes. Bust one out with your coworkers every now and then. You’ll be surprised who chimes in. For the rest of those sticklers at work, try out some Ben Franklin quotes.

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