Happy And Safe Journey Wishes 2017

Sometimes it’s difficult to find some loving goodbye words for your Friend, Family Member, and Colleagues who are going to on journey. The journey is the best time when you can feel the fragrance of environment of the world.
Don’t you know what to write on the card to your friend about Journey? So here is the solution to your problem. We have furnished our best collection of Happy Safe Journey Wishes 2017.
It’s the way you can show your debate about them and say a kind Goodbye and Safe Journey words. Hope you will easily find for what you want. Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Journey Wishes Quotes

1 ) Even if you trip and fall, never run away from life, run towards it, find resilience in your pursuit of happiness.

  • 2 ) No matter where you may go, the moon will always be there to follow you. I miss you and praying for your safe trip.
  • 3 ) It was great to see you and catch up again. Enjoy the rest of your stay, have a safe journey. Take care.
  • 4 ) God surely has major plans for all. It’s just a Blessing to know that He thinks of us and loves us so much to do that and more for us. Have a good day!
  • 5 ) The end only justifies the means if we let it; Knowing that no matter what one sees on the journey of life, It is the choice to be victorious that really settles all desires for victory. Don’t give up too soon dear.
  • 6 ) Not everyone has the passion to level it demands a lot of passion and youth, and you are a passionate person. you have the courage to level.
  • 7 ) Your journey might be cruel and hard, life might be bitter, but there are lives around each corner of your life. Your happiness is mine as well. Have a safe journey.
  • 8 ) The obstacles you face in this journey are nothing more than mental barriers and they can all be broken down if you think more positively. In your mind, see what you want to happen as opposed to how things are. Think, visualize, and then step forward.

9 ) Good luck! Hope you have an amazing time…and hope you make millions of amazing memories, I am looking forward to hearing the stories of your wonderful journey, have a fun and unlimited entertainment!

10 ) When you are in a relationship, one of the keys to it being prosperous is that your mate is also your friend. Have a good day!

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11 ) Never be afraid to bless others, because they come back to you in ways that you couldn’t normal attain. God rewards those that bless others with blessings beyond measure. Have a fun day.

12 ) May the purpose for you are on this journey. Be fulfilled and you come home safe and sound and successful. Have a safe journey!

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13 ) Beautiful eyes see beautiful things and an amazing girl like you shall always meet amazing people along the way. May your journey keep getting better and better and the smile on your face never fades away.

14 ) To know you is to love you, and I know you lots and lots. Always be happy, be gentle to live and to your heart. Always be true and embrace life even more. I pray for your safe travel.

15 ) The Best happy journey! I am sending you prayers they will protect you all around your journey. Have a safe journey!

Happy Journey Wishes To Friend

16 ) I Am Sending You Prayers, They Will Protect You, All Around Your Journey, Have A Safe Journey.

17 ) Not Everyone Has The Passion To Travel, It Demands A Lot Of Passion And Youth, And You Are A Passionate Person, You Have The Courage To Travel, Have A Safe Journey.

18 ) Live in this moment, enjoy every second of it, those moments together will make the perfect happy life.

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19 ) You can’t keep putting yourself down. There’s a reason this happened to you. Pick yourself up and move forward. Never think people don’t care for you because of your circumstance. You are on this trip for a reason. Love you. Always have.

  • 20 ) You can do anything you put your mind to it. You have many people behind you, including me. You are strong and you are stronger than you will ever know! So keep going strong!
  • 21 ) I am just going to sleep so lonely tonight, And wishing tomorrow will be a better day for me. But no matter how much of wishes I have for myself, All can’t just be well when you are far away.
  • 22 ) Don’t let one major error change the way you see life. Just stay in the right place, even if it means pausing for a short time, and those who stopped admiring you will start admiring you again. Have a nice day.
  • 23 ) Each successful step in life means there is a successful future ahead of us. No matter how the goings are tough, always remember that it takes the tough to keep on Going.
  • 24 ) Time always heals bad vibes and it also teaches us to learn that we should set aside the past and focus on the good things that await us. Have a nice journey!
  • 25 ) Destiny is like an alarm clock when the time comes it rings. No matter how you try to move faster, when your time has not come, you may spend more years in the wilderness.
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26 ) It is understandable when you don’t have enough to give your loved ones monetarily, as they embark on any journey. But often times, it might be unfair if you can’t wish them happy journey. And as clichéd as it may sound, these little things really count. Yes, they do!

27 ) I am really so happy for my dear, your dream was always discovering the world, make it unforgettable holiday dear, have fun.

28 ) It doesn’t matter where we came from, what matter is where we want to look forward. I wish a happy and safe journey for you.

29 ) Today is the day to start something new. Trust in the possibilities of new beginnings. So keep calm and have a safe journey.

30 ) May you have a safe journey and may Almighty protect you from all evils and devils.

Happy Journey Wishes To Boss

31 ) I won’t let you get away with it! You know I will keep you on your toes so don’t forget to call me when you get there.

32 ) I can give you one thousand safe journey quotes One million I will miss you quotes, But the best of it is wishing you safe trip to your destination. No matter how long you stay there, I will keep my heart perfect and safe here for you. Even if it takes a lifetime, I will be right here for you. I wish you the very best my love.

33 ) I just hate to see myself alone, But when the need arise I just wouldn’t help it. Just promise me you will take good care of yourself, And I will promise you same here.


34 ) Enjoy your time there. And please try to have a lot of fun. I miss you, but very happy for you.

35 ) Even though we all carry imperfections, it’s up to you to decide if those imperfections are worth carrying for the time being….or maybe for a lifetime. Because emotions aren’t toys, but put them into the wrong hands and they can be played with! Have a great day!

  • 36 ) I am sending you a mickey mouse a little angel, a sweet wish, may all your dreams come true. Have a safe journey!
  • 37 ) Your best won’t only come from this journey, Your best will come, every blessed day you live. But let’s start it from this journey. Wishing you all the best as you travel. The Best Happy Journey.
  • 38 ) There is nothing that teaches you more than traveling in this way, you meet people, you analyze people, you understand their behaviors and you get to know how to handle things. you are on this journey.

39 ) One thing you taught me was how to stay strong. And you always believed in me and taught me how to push on. Now I pray for a happy journey for you.

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40 ) Let us know how it goes. Best wishes for a safe, happy, healthy journey!

Happy Journey Wishes For Brother

41 ) You have to chase what seems impossible, over and over and over again. Because giving up is not an option. And when you feel like you have reached your peak, it’s just the beginning. Have a fun trip!

42 ) Improving every day is the key to success, and the key to greater things. If you have a slump, don’t let it get to you. Learn from the errors, try again in a different angle and avoid making the same mistakes. It’s all good. We will learn along the way that we are prone to not having a perfect day here and there. Be honest, keep it real, and brush it off. Hope you have reached safely!

43 ) If you see something good in a person once before and if he/she upset you, don’t allow a mistake to change your opinion about that person. Instead, give it time and then talk it over and come to a bond that the errors will not be repeated again. Have a nice time!

44 ) No matter where you go, no matter how hard it is, it will become easy, I wish you all the very best. Have a happy journey!

45 ) Life isn’t easy. All your life you have to strive to make yourself better. It’s a full time commitment. To be your best, you have to work your hardest.

46 ) Do what makes you feel good, traveling is your passion, keep traveling, my prayers are with you. Happy journey!

47 ) I am so excited for you .Once the travel bug bites it never stops biting, believe me. Have a wonderful time.

48 ) No matter how loose the handle of the door to opportunity is, It doesn’t open on its own accord for those who would not dare to turn its knob. The future is bright when you take decisions.

49 ) Don’t give up! You never lose faith! You got to keep believing! Remember who is behind you, remember who loves you and always will! Love you!

50 ) We will miss you and a lot of us will have those memories. But remember us when you collect the beautiful memories of this journey and say a prayer for us.

51 ) Just do not travel, enjoy the true state of traveling, enjoy the real passion, Have a safe journey!

52 ) The Devil is riding you because he knows that every time your feet touch the floor that’s one more thing he has to worry about. So when you go through your trials, smile and keep walking. Only one that can stop you is you…..