How to Have a Perfect Smile: Important Steps to Get That Selfie Smile

how to have a perfect smile

If you’ve ever been embarrassed to show someone your camera roll because there are a ton of self-conscious smileless selfies, it’s time to learn how to have a perfect smile.

It doesn’t matter how many angles you try when you take a selfie, your smile says everything. You could have landed that amazing promotion, but if you’re not smiling in your Instagram announcement people will think you didn’t really want the job.

If you’re scared to smile because you’re embarrassed about your teeth, we’ve got some tips to help sort you out and get smiling for your best selfies ever.

Start With a Scale and Polish

When you next go for your regular dental check-up, book in with the hygienist at the same time. You could also ask if your dentist offers scale and polish with a check-up booking.

This process helps to clean your teeth of plaque and tartar and will make your smile brighter. The dentist will use special tools to get into the gaps between your teeth to clean the bits you can’t reach with floss or a toothbrush.

If you go to the hygienist, they will often use additional tools to polish up each tooth. A very small Dremel tool will gently buff your teeth and help to clean away stains caused by tea, coffee, and red wine.

Try Whitening Your Teeth

Do you keep your mouth closed when you smile because you’re worried about the whiteness of your teeth?

A good smile happens when your teeth are bright and pearly white. So your first step to having a perfect smile starts with some teeth whitening.

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Your first and most inexpensive step is to use a whitening toothpaste. The cost is about the same as a regular toothpaste but it includes ingredients to help whiten your teeth as you brush.

You can try an at-home teeth whitening kit if you’re really strapped for cash, but it’s always best to get them done professionally if you can. A dentist will be able to use stronger chemicals and knows exactly what to do, so it’s much safer than DIY teeth whitening.

Dentists can even use laser technology to whiten teeth: now that’s something you can’t do at home!

Avoid Foods That Stain (and Smoking)

Once you’ve whitened your teeth it’s important to keep them white!

This means staying away from some types of food and drink which can worsen teeth staining. Examples include green or black tea, coffee, fruit juices, and red wine. Dark foods, such as beetroot, should also be avoided in the week after you’ve had your teeth whitened.

If you smoke, it’s time to consider giving up. Smoking will give you yellow teeth – not to mention bad breath!

Straighten Up

If you’re paranoid about a wonky tooth, have you ever considered trying orthodontics?

No longer are you restricted to the metal braces everyone seemed to have back in school. There are lots of options for cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile.

A great example of teeth straightening innovation is invisible braces. You might have already seen these clear braces, but in case you haven’t (because they’re almost invisible!) here’s the deal: molded plastic trays are made in a sequence.

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You wear each tray for a few weeks at a time and each tray is the next step towards straighter teeth.

A Sardinia House Dental Practice Invisalign expert says that these braces are “convenient, easy to use, and barely visible. You can take them out to clean your teeth or eat, so they don’t get in the way like wire braces would.”

Try Veneers

Do you have one discolored tooth, but the others are fine? Perhaps you have a couple of teeth that are a few shades off, or you suffer from a gray tooth, damaged in an accident.

Veneers are a great way to treat individual teeth to improve your smile and get that perfect selfie.

These special caps are made to match your tooth and fitted over the top. You won’t be able to see the tooth underneath when you smile, so you’ll see an immediate difference!

Opt for an Implant

A missing tooth can really affect your self-confidence and willingness to smile in public.

You could opt to have a bridge made up, which is like a small denture that you can take out when you want. These can be replaced, but can often irritate the gums and aren’t practical for very active people.

The alternative to dentures is a dental implant. This is where an enamel tooth implant, that looks just like the real thing, is screwed into your jaw. It sounds painful, but the recovery time is short and the payoff is a permanently dazzling smile!

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How to Have a Perfect Smile: Pro Tips for Selfies

Now you’ve got a wonderfully white and straight smile, it’s time to get snapping.

Here are some top tips for getting that selfie-perfect smile ready:

1. Brush Your Teeth

OK, if you’re out and about this isn’t really practical, but regular brushing will make sure your teeth are smile-ready as often as possible.

2. Choose a Good Lipstick

Yellow-based lipsticks will make your teeth look dull. Instead, opt for a blue-based lipstick which will make your smile look much whiter and more defined.

3. Choose Your Angle

If you’re in a group, stay away from the camera. At least avoid being at the front! It’s a case of perspective: When you’re close to the camera, your head (and your smile) will look bigger than everyone else’s in the photo.

4. Tilt Your Head

A slight downward-tilt will make your eyes look bigger and more youthful, reduce any chance of a double-chin incident, and emphasize your smile.

5. Practice!

Take some time to get to know your smile. Next time you’re home alone, spend time practicing your smile in the mirror and learning exactly which pose suits your face the best.

Where Will Your New Smile Take You?

When you’ve worked out how to have a perfect smile, your confidence will rocket.

You’ll now be able to work the camera and dazzle the world with those pearly whites, so who knows where you’ll end up? Be inspired with these celebrity rags-to-riches stories. Soon, it could be you!