Instagram’s Top Vape Hashtags All Vapers Should Know About

vape hashtags

Did you know that about nine million Americans now vape on a regular basis? Are you a regular vaper? Want to become the next big vape influencer?

Instagram is one of the best places to make yourself known. Do you have an Instagram account? Are you using the best vape hashtags?

Read on to learn more about the best way to use Instagram (IG) and hashtags to get noticed.

The Basics of Instagram

IG is a popular social media platform that’s driven by images. While all social media uses photos, the focus of IG is on the photos. Your home page features photos from the people you follow.

Your profile page is where people see a photo of you, your written profile, and your photo gallery. They’ll see your photos in their feed if they follow you.

Don’t neglect your profile page! Make sure the description tells your followers who you are and what you do. Include a link to your website. Make sure the photos you post in your gallery are reflective of you and your brand.

What’s a Hashtag?

Hashtags are how you get noticed. Hashtags place your photo into categories that are seen by users who follow the hashtag. Using hashtags is the best way to get new followers to subscribe to your account.

Use the #vape hashtag and everyone looking at the category when you post will see your photo. Using popular hashtags is both good and bad, depending on how popular the hashtag is.

If millions of people post to a hashtag, then it’s harder to stand out on the page. As soon as you post, your photo is already falling down lower in the feed. That doesn’t mean no one will see it. But, it’s a good idea to look for hashtags that have a large following, but not millions of followers.

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A good strategy is a mix of popular and less-popular hashtags. Go ahead and use a few of the most popular hashtags but throw in lots of other hashtags that don’t have a huge following.

How to Find Hashtags

Like most apps, IG has a search function. Tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the feed. Tap in the search bar. As soon as you tap the search bar, you’ll see an option for “tags.”

When you put in a tag you like, such as “vape,” you’ll see other tags suggested. Look through those tags and decide which ones make sense based on your photo’s content.

How Many Hashtags?

If you exceed 30 hashtags on your initial post or in one comment, the post or comment won’t post to your feed. Using between 11 and 30 hashtags gets you the most engagement.

To avoid cluttering your initial post, use periods and returns. Put a period and then hit the return key. Then put another period and return. Do this until you’ve spaced down at least five lines. Then post your hashtags.

This keeps the hashtags from showing up right next to your photo or any caption you’ve posted.

Another way to declutter is to not post any hashtags on the initial post. As soon as you post, go back in and leave a comment that consists of your hashtags.

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The Infamous Shadowban

If you’re not careful, your photos won’t show up in anyone’s feed but your followers. This is a shadowban. You don’t want that because it makes it hard for new followers to discover you.

Especially if you’re selling a product like Juul wraps, you’ll need access to a wide audience of potential clients and Instagram is the key to get there. To that end, it’s important to remain as visible as possible on the platform.

You want your photo to show in every category that you’ve hashtagged.

To avoid shadowbanning, avoid behaving like a bot. Don’t use apps to automate your posts. Don’t “like” or comment on too many posts in an hour. If you’re behaving like a human and not using automated tools, you shouldn’t have a problem with shadowbanning.

Avoid using the same group of hashtags every time you post. Vary them at least a little to avoid looking like a bot.

Also, avoid using hashtags associated with pornography. Don’t do anything that violates IG’s terms of use.

Top Vape Hashtags

Here are some of the top vape hashtags to use on IG. Always check your hashtags to see how many followers they have.

Popular hashtags such as #love update at about 10,000 posts per minute! This is because the tag has over a billion posts! It’s hard to get noticed when the photos are updating at that rate.

1. #vapelife: As the name implies, this tag is about the lifestyle of vaping. Tag photos that have anything to do with the vaping lifestyle.

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2. #vapecommunity: This hashtag is for anyone in the vaping community. This is a popular hashtag but still has less than a million posts.

3. #vapingcommunitylove: this hashtag still has less than 1,000 posts. You’ll definitely get noticed on this hashtag.

4. #instavape and #vapestagram: These two tags are word combinations of vaping and Instagram. These have millions of posts but it’s worth posting here now and then.

5. #vapesmoke: This is a great tag to try since it still has less than 30,000 posts.

6. #vapesupport: This is another good one because it’s well established, but not huge.

7. #vapesales: If you have your own vape products to offer, post at #vapesales. Try posting a coupon with a link to your website in your bio. Use the words “Link in bio.” This lets people know they can get to your website from your profile page.

8. #vapesexy: Yes, you’ll find pretty girls vaping. But you’ll also see lots of other vape photos as well.

9. #vapingstyle: There are of different kinds of vaping photos on this hashtag.

10. #vapingsavedmylife: There are almost 700,000 posts, but give this one a try!

Using Hashtags to Grow Your Influence

Now you’re set with the basics of IG. You know what vape hashtags are, where to find them, and how many to use. You also know how to avoid a shadowban. Start using popular as well as less-popular hashtags on your IG photos.

Soon you’ll have a growing IG account, and you’ll be on your way to influencer status!

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