Romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend 2017

When someone is in love, there is nothing important than to congratulate to your girl on her special occasion. A birthday is a wonderful time to show your love and care for your partner. We have compiled the list of Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend. It may help you to make your girl proud and smile. Every girl would love to pampered by her guy on her Birthday with the beautiful lines.
If you’re searching some Impressive Birthday Wishes, which can help you to impress your Girlfriend. So you are at in the right place, where you will see the most loving birthday stuff which you can surely use for Girlfriend.
Just scroll it down and choose the best one by yourself. We are pretty sure you can easily show your love which you have inside your heart for your girlfriend. Hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1 ) I believe in destiny, I believe in fate… how else in this big bad world, would I have met someone like you. xoxo

2 ) It must be my birthday every day because you gift me with your presence every day. Thank you for being the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Happy birthday

3 ) Sometimes I think that you are the lyrics and I am the melody and other times I think that you are the melody and I am the lyrics because all I want to do is sing along to your tune. Happy Birthday.

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4 ) You are always complaining that the gifts I give you seem to say that I do not know you at all.Well this year, you’re in for a surprise. Happy birthday darling.

  • 5 ) The wishes you make as you blow out the candles on your cake, will all come true because that’s what I wished for too. Happy birthday.
  • 6 ) I was so disappointed with my previous girlfriends, that I had decided I was going to be better on my own. And actually solitude didn’t scare me at all. But then you came along and you showed me how much better a man is with a great woman by his side, how much better life is when you spend it with a woman you love and cherish. Thank you for not letting me to become a bitter, lone old man. Happy birthday darling.
  • 7 ) Because you are so special, may this special day of your life be filled with very special things that life can offer. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • 8 ) Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever! You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life together.
  • 9 ) Darling, I bought you a little something to celebrate your birthday. Will you become mine on this special day? It might seem rushed, but know in my heart it is all I think about. You will make me the happiest man on earth if you say yes to my birthday gift to you.
  • 10 ) You are everything that one man could wish for. Therefore, I will try to return all the happiness that you brought into my life back to you. Happy birthday, my love!
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11 ) Even when I am sad and depressed, your hugs are what always makes me grin. With you by my side, I know I will always win. Happy birthday beautiful.

12 ) I feel like I am the one who really gets the biggest gift because you are my girlfriend and I get to spend your birthday with you!

13 ) I always long for your birthday as I long for my next meal…that’s because it’s a special day to me just as it is to you. Have a Merry Birthday, Dearest.

14 ) Happy Birthday, baby! I promise to make your day as special as you are to me, and I promise to make your year even more special!

15 ) You are the best girlfriend in the entire world. I just want to say thank you for choosing me to celebrate with you on this special day. We are going to have an amazing time tonight as I am your love slave for the next 24 hours.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Long Distance

16 ) Have I told you that you become more kissable on certain days of the year? Today is one of them. Happy birthday.

17 ) Although we just met, the impression stuck, to day is your birthday and I fell in love.

18 ) You are always where I go when I go to my happy place. Happy Birthday.

19 ) I searched online and went to all the shops, old and new. But I could not find anything that was as pretty as you. Happy birthday girl.

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20 ) The one journey of my life which I never want to change or I never regret is the journey of our relationship, where we met as strangers and kissed each other as lovers. The most beautiful journey of my life with the most beautiful woman on earth. Happy Birthday, Hottie. XoXo.

21 ) On this day was born one beautiful Princess, and fortunately she fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. So I will do everything for her majesty. Happy birthday, my princess!!!

  • 22 ) To the greatest friend, lover, drinking buddy, movie fan, party animal I’ve ever known. Happy birthday honey.
  • 23 ) To my wonderful girlfriend who has showed me what love is and who makes every day a dream come true, Happy Birthday! I am so proud to call you mine.
  • 24 ) Dear love, I wish you all the best for your birthday and I promise that I will do everything to make you happy. Hugs and Kisses!
  • 25 ) Every day with you is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments. I love you baby. Happy Birthday!
  • 26 ) Your birthday is making you sexier with every passing year. Happy birthday hottie.
  • 27 ) I bet you were a cute baby and everyone around fell in love with you immediately! Happy Birthday to the girl who has stolen my heart!
  • 28 ) Nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on my girlfiend’s lips forever. Celebrate! You deserve the best.
  • 29 ) When someone asks me to tell the best combination of a sexy personality, a mix of beauty and hotness, you strike my mind beautiful. Happy Birthday.
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30 ) For a lot of years, I was lonely and miserable and I was just pretending to be happy, because I did not want for people to feel sorry for me. But then you came along and everything changed. Now I am happy and cheerful and I don’t have to pretend anymore. For that and for everything else that you brought in my life thank you and happy birthday honey.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend In English

31 ) Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life. Happy birthday, love and I wish you all the best. Love you!

32 ) Happy Birthday baby! I promise to make your day brighter as you are to me. love you!

33 ) Every moment matters when I am with you. Having you in my life makes me realize how important and wonderful love is! Happy Birthday my girl!

34 ) I’m celebrating this day together with you because on this day the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, was born into this world. Happy Birthday!

35 ) I promise that your birthday will be awesome, fun and full of beautiful memories, just like how you’ve made my life to be. Happy birthday.

36 ) Happy Birthday to the most wonderful creation of God.

37 ) Sometimes when you talk, I don’t hear the words but I just listen to the sound of your voice and it comforts me inside. I know that it is filled with all those things that I love about you. So forgive me if sometimes I don’t hear what you say. Happy Birthday.


38 ) Happy birthday to my girlfriend who is as sweet as honey and pretty as a rose. Thank you for making my life sunny and bright.

39 ) We met as strangers, we hugged as friends, we kissed like lovers – this is one journey I’d never want to change. Happy birthday.

  • 40 ) It is hard to find a gift that shows how happy I am that you are my girl. Along with these birthday gifts, I give you my heart.
  • 41 ) When they write about the great romances of all time, I want them to dedicate a chapter to us and I want it to start with your birthday.
  • 42 ) Until I met, I never knew that my heart would skip the beats too. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • 43 ) When I look at you, the love you have for me immediately is inducted on my eyes and slips down on my heart thus culminating its heart beat. Happy birthday my love!
  • 44 ) Your smile entices me. Your warmth caresses me. Your love makes me whole. You’re the reason I only see good in the world. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • 45 ) Falling in love should last forever. Forget all the bad and the things that made you sad. All best wishes from someone who loves you immensely. Happy Birthday!
  • 46 ) I would like to blink but I can’t take my eyes off of you for even a second. Happy Birthday!
  • 47 ) Happy Birthday. You give voice to the song in my heart. FYI, apparently my heart is a soprano?
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48 ) Like the moon to the sun I surrendered my light and warmth to you, this is your time and I am yours. Happy Birthday my girlfriend!

49 ) Remember your last birthday? Remember that you said that it was best birthday of your life? That will change tonight…just wait!

50 ) You are gorgeous, captivating, great, fabulous, fascinating… You rock! You roll! You are my babe, my squeeze, my lady… Oh yeah, happy birthday too!

51 ) Today is the perfect day to tell you that you’re a wonderful girlfriend. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best on this day and throughout the year.

52 ) Even the sweetest birthday cake cannot be as sweet as you. Happy birthday.

53 ) Tonight is a special night out. I’m taking you somewhere where all wishes come true, and I’ll try to make everything unforgettable. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

54 ) You are the angel in my life. On this day, god sent you on earth so we could be together. Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life!

55 ) Life would only be existence without you. Happy Birthday.

56 ) Apart from wrapping you an awesome birthday gift, I am also going to wrap you in my arms. Happy birthday sweetheart.

57 ) Don’t pinch me. I don’t want to wake up from the dream I live with you. Happy Birthday!

58 ) From the day I said hello to you for the first time, my heart knew that it never wanted to say goodbye. Xoxo

59 ) If you were any sweeter, your cake would be jealous of you. Happy birthday.

60 ) As you blow the candles on your cake, I want you to remember that there’s one flame that’ll never go out… the one burning in my heart, for you. Happy birthday.

61 ) When I‘m with you, it‘s like a dream come true for me, cause you are the most amazing girlfriend in the world! Happy bday, my sweetie!

62 ) Stunning and beautiful is the view, when I close my eyes and think of you. Happy birthday girl.

63 ) Just like the way you have made my life a beautiful journey, I will make your birthday, the more special and a memorable one. Many happy returns of the day.

64 ) I just want your birthday to be the most special as you are to me. You are the prettiest girl whom I met in my life. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!