Romantic Honeymoon Wishes

Going to the first trip with your wedded Husband or Wife is a wonderful feeling ever. Couples are little bit hesitate, more excited and happy to having a new experience with the beginning of new life. The honeymoon is the best time when the couple can spend a lovely time lonely and know each other deeply.
We have furnished our Heartfelt collection of Romantic Honeymoon Wishes and Greetings which may help you to wish your life partner to make your jorney more loving and excited. Hope you enjoy this.

Honeymoon Wishes Messages

1 ) Honeymoon lasts not nowadays above a fortnight.

2 ) Best wishes for you and your wife. Enjoy the honeymoon!

3 ) Have a wonderful honeymoon. I look forward to your return.

4 ) Wishing you both a lovely honeymoon, and may it overflow with love!

5 ) Have a good time and see you when you get back. Looking forward too seeing some pictures of your honeymoon!

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6 ) Enjoy the company of each other and drown yourself in the pool of love. Have a joyful romantic honeymoon.

7 ) May this honeymoon period never ends until the end of life. Wishing the strongest of bond for life, for you two! Stay sweet and keep loving each other!

8 ) Clinton had absolutely zero honeymoon, none whatsoever.

9 ) May this honeymoon be a dream come true vacation for you both. You two deserve each other.

10 ) Maggie and I got married and then had to wait three years before we got to take our honeymoon because we were both working! Right before ‘Chaplin’ began, we got to go to Hawaii.

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11 ) May your honeymoon days be filled with the blissful romance and exotic unforgettable memories.

12 ) I love England though; I’ve been back a few times and just love it. My favorite thing to do there is going to museums and all the castles. Oh, and my husband and I went mountain biking across England on our honeymoon!

Honeymoon Wishes Quotes

13 ) That honeymoon phase is so much fun in real life, when you meet and discover somebody new and fall in love and chase them. The pursuit. And that climactic final moment of ultimate togetherness.

14 ) May this be the most romantic trip ever… May you both enjoy it to the fullest, and come back with loved memories in your heart! Happy honeymoon

15 ) Go to a place where you’re not going to be stressed, because a honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing.

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16 ) My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos, in the middle of nowhere, and I’m sitting on this deserted beach, and I see one lone person walking along the shore. He walks right up to me and says, ‘I love ‘Laser Cats,’ and then just walks away.

17 ) Let this be the honeymoon of your dreams. Enjoy it to the fullest. Take Care!

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18 ) Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase.

19 ) I have a fantastic husband. Here’s the honeymoon part: I still think he’s the funniest, wittiest, most clever man I’ve ever known.

20 ) Keep loving each other endlessly as you two embark upon the journey of love. Happy honeymoon

21 ) Have a pleasant and loving time of togetherness ahead! Enjoy your honeymoon!

22 ) Enjoy your honeymoon in the nest of love with the warmth of togetherness. Stay blessed!

23 ) Wishing you two lots of love in the journey ahead. Happy honeymoon.

24 ) Have a perfect honeymoon my best wishes to you and your lovely bride.

25 ) At my wedding, I was dancing so furiously that I fell hard on my kneecaps. The next morning, my knees were so swollen that I had to get a wheelchair at the airport to go on my honeymoon.

Wishes For Honeymoon

26 ) Travel magazines are just one cupcake after another. They’re not about travel. The travel magazine is, in fact, about the opposite of travel. It’s about having a nice time on a honeymoon, or whatever.

27 ) The nice thing about ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is we’re not talking about some crazy smash hit where everyone is coming and comparing my performance to Nicholas Cage.


28 ) Have love filled moments and memories worth cherishing forever. Have a beautiful honeymoon

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29 ) I found out I was pregnant seven days after my wedding. I was on honeymoon with my family.

30 ) Wishing you a memorable honeymoon, filled with the magic of love and happiness!

31 ) It’s going to be the most wonderful days of Your life. Happy married life, and enjoy your honeymoon!

32 ) My clothes are great for a honeymoon: They’re light and sexy, colorful and pretty, and not expensive.

33 ) Have a great honeymoon and a safe trip. Enjoy each and every moment.

34 ) Actually, if you ask my really close friends, they would say that ‘Honeymoon’ is more me than anything else I’ve written.

35 ) May each day of the honeymoon be paradise and each night be shiny and blaze. Happy honeymoon.

36 ) Conversation like television set on honeymoon… unnecessary.

37 ) Indulge in romantic togetherness, participate in playful activities and may you have a pleasant stay at your honeymoon destination.

38 ) Especially during the first nine months, there was so much going on with trying to hire 55 people to run the city, it was hard to imagine any honeymoon.

39 ) May you two discover true love in this period of heaven ride called honeymoon.

40 ) Honeymoon is just the beginning of a love filled journey walking hand in hand. Hope you both make this beginning, most memorable and joyful!