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I’ve never been the type to say what I feel
So basically I keep everything inside
And with you it was no different
I want to tell you, believe me I’ve tried

But there’s part of me that just can’t take that chance
So I doubt that you’ll ever know
Which may be fine with you, but it’s hurting me
I choose not to show it though

I guess I’m your secret admirer
That name seems to fit just right
I don’t know what I like about you
But you’re on my mind, day and night

Maybe it’s the way you look
So sexy I can’t get enough
Or how you make me feel when you come around
I instantly forget all other stuff

Maybe it’s the way you say my name
Or maybe it’s the way you smile
Then again it might just be everything
Getting to know you seems worth my while

But I guess I’ll never know what it is
My true feelings I could never reveal to you
I’ll just admire you from a distance
I’m not sure what else there is to do


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I wish I were a bird
every morning I would fly to your place
and sit at the window
to be the first one everyday
to see your lovely face

I wish I were the dew
when you pick the rose
and smell its scent
I would silently wish you morning
and kiss you on your nose

I wish I were the mirror
the mirror on your wall
when you would ask me
I would tell you my love
you are the fairest of them all

Every morning when you pray
I wish I were the sun rays
to see you and be your admirer
and pray for your happiness
God bless you with grace

Oh if, I were . . . I wish I were
or be me only
singing to you the song of love
if you would hear only.

Singing to you till my death.


I’ve searched my heart over and over,
I’ve thought about it day and night.
Every thing I do, you’re on my mind,
I guess I’m your secret admirer.

That name seems to fit just right,
I like all I see about you.
You’re on my mind so much,
maybe it’s the way you look at me.

So sexy and sweet, I can’t get enough,
Or how you make me feel, when you smile.
I instantly forget all other things, but you.
Maybe it’s the way you say my name.

Or maybe it’s the love you show me,
then again, it might just be, everything,
Getting to know you seems worth my while
But I guess I’ll never know what it is.

My true feelings, I will tell you one day,
I’ll just admire you from a distance.
I know my feelings I’m feeling for you.
my desire is, to get more and more.

And now, what’s has happened me,
I’m fallen in love with you



Every time I see you
My heart begins to melt
Because that’s all I can do
I feel as if you’re too good for me
That I would never have a chance with you
I’ve tried to approach you
But I’m too scared
I’m too shy
I kind of feel intimidated by your extraordinary beauty and class
I’d give everything for you to feel the same way I do
I dream, I wish, I pray
But my efforts end up with nothing
I don’t know why I keep trying
After all those many disappointments
But deep down inside I feel as if
I will someday have you in my life
But until then I’ll be just your secert admirer

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So, as you see how lovely these, hang on we have more for you. These are very lovely and your Secret Admirer Poems will really enjoy and feel your love.

From your secret admirer
To you, this I write
My love for you grows,
But grows out of sight.

No hint of a clue
To you will I send
Sweet words written in secret,
So please comprehend.

Each day we cross paths
and I see you walk by.
My courage escapes me.
I guess I’m too shy.

Dear One, what I’d say
If I could get near…
Soft things I would whisper
In your little ear.

I’d tell you about all
These feelings inside.
How tender I feel
When I look in your eyes.

That I long for your kiss
To touch my shy lips,
The weight of your hands
To rest on my hips,

Your warm firm embrace
To hold me so close.
But your hand in my hand
I desire the most.

But for now, here I wait
And you’ll never know…
How much I adore you,
How I love you so.


Hello again all my lovelies
For those of you who do not know me I am lily, a poet, friend, sister, aunt, cousin and all round good egg. I am an intelligent woman but I have to admit to rather enjoying a little bit of silliness now and again, whether that be marshmallow fights in café’s or silly contests such as this.
This morning I had a bath followed by an epiphany…
How many of you have wished to be able to say something sweet or romantic to someone or would like to tell them how much you admire them but were too afraid to for any number of reasons
for fear of rejection,
because you don’t want a response but just need them to know how you feel
because you know you really shouldn’t!!
How many of you would like the chance to do this anonymously to someone here on AP? Of course that is impossible I hear you cry….If I send any sort of message to this person, my name will show and my secret will be out……
Aha!! This is where my epiphany comes in…
My contest…
Being that it is almost Valentine’s day ….which, for the record, I loathe…..but being that I am just an old romantic at heart, I thought we would have some fun, so I am going to attempt to play match maker.
I want you to pen me something admiring, romantic, loving or down right sexy, whatever floats your boat, for the person you are the secret admirer of……but nothing offensive….that’s just wrong!
Please note the word ‘secret’ and whilst I do not like secrets as a general rule, some are just too delicious and should be allowed, these being that type!!
Write the poem but DO NOT mention that person’s name in it…you may leave clues but no names.
Then I want you to IM me the name of the person you wish to tell….I shall send them a message stating they have a secret admirer … don’t fret, you will remain anonymous, I shall not divulge who is it from but simply state you wish to tell them something.
They then have the option of visiting the contest page to find out who you are and what it is you wish to say….the ball is entirely in their court….if they wish to contact you they will.
What do you think? All rather silly but it could be fun!!
Not sure how well this will work or if indeed anyone will enter so if there are less than 5 entries and I will cancel the contest……
The winners will be those that pen the most romantic poems…..


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I’ve been watching you for a long time now.
And seeing how long it’s been, can only wonder how,
How odd it is that I never said anything before.
For only by doing so will I ever unlock that door,
The door linked to your heart and soul that is.
By the way, do you mind telling me wher the key is?
You’ve known me for a while and see me everday.
Yet, sometimes it seems as though you are miles away.
It is as if you are in a world of which I have no part.
But that doesn’t matter; your face is always in my heart.
If only you could open your eyes and see
How much I’d love for you to share you world with me.
I love everything about you and I’m sure you know
That it’s only through poetry that my feelings for you show.
I’ll bet you want to know my name, just what I’m called,
Or,of course, you may not care who I am at all.
I’ll now release my name to you as if it were a dove
And end this poem like a letter to With Love,
Your Secret Admirer


I want you to know that when I’m
thinking of you it makes
my heart start to race

When I’m thinking of you it makes
my hands start to shake

When thinking of your smile
it makes me blush

When I’m thinking of you talking to me
it makes me giggle nervously

When I’m thinking of how you say my name
sends chills down my spine.

When I’m thinking of when I’ll see you again
makes me excited.

When I’m thinking of your eyes
it makes me want stare into them forever

Right now when I’m thinking of you
it makes this hard to write

When thinking of you
it’s painful to know that you probably don’t even know who I am.

I pass you through the halls and never did you glance at me.

I get the courage to talk to you, but you are with another girl
who is prettier than me…

But, I just want to say that I can’t stop thinking of you.

I never thought this could happen to a nobody like me, but
I know now that…


Try to put on a smile and keep your head up. Don’t easily let sadness and depression out. There’s gonna be that someone that you don’t know that seems to be looking around or a secret admirer that looks up to you for what you’ve done.


In a well hidden place
Buried deep in my soul
Concealed behind my ego
Secured by the impenetrable walls of past history
-And unconvinced promises
There’s this tiny box-
It is sealed with honesty
And the sanctity of mutual respect & admiration.
And in this hidden box –
Are my unexpressed feelings
For you.

As you see, all these Secret Admirer Poems are so lovely and so wonderful you want to send and enjoy with your dad. Have a look, pick the best and send. Have nice day and don’t forget to share with your friends if you like it.

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