Secret Phone Numbers: Tips to Find Out Who Called You

find out whos calling you

Hidden phone numbers are becoming a regular occurrence. Do you remember when times were simpler, and there were less unknown numbers calling?

It can be frustrating getting so many calls from someone you don’t know. You’re limited on choices. Do you block the number or answer the next time they call? There is another option, though. You can find out who called you without having to answer.

Keep reading for a tutorial to find hidden numbers and the answer to your question “who called me?”

How to Find Out Who Called You

So, you looked at your ringing phone only to find there was no number. Or, you were the victim of local presence deception. Either way, it’s annoying, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it any longer.

You’re getting texts non-stop by a number you don’t recognize. They won’t answer you no matter how many times you ask who they are. Now, the struggle is over. Here are some steps to find out who’s on the other side of the phone.

Use Number Look-up Websites

Something you can do is use a reverse number look-up website like GoLookUp.

The way GoLookUp works is you enter the phone number in question into the search box. The site will search databases for the number and give you the identity of the person who’s calling you.

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You’ll know if the person on the other side is a telemarketer or someone else without answering.

Contact Your Provider

If you’ve blocked countless unknown numbers and still having trouble, contact your provider. They should be able to get the information for you. They can provide you with all your records.

Having a full account of the phone calls and texts you’re getting can help put the puzzle pieces together. There might not be a name, but even a number and location can be helpful.

Contact the Police

If unknown or blocked numbers are harassing you, call the police.

Spoofed numbers are a thing of interest to the authorities. The reason is that they have the ability to cause harm or they could be running scams. Don’t hesitate. The sooner the police are able to identify the harasser, the more they can do about it.

Use an App

There are apps you can download from your app store.

These applications will allow you to see the identity of a blocked number. Whether by text or by a call, the app will give you the location and number of any blocked callers.

More SMS Tips

Even after you find out who called you, you’ll still end up dealing with telemarketers. What better way to deal with the annoying calls than to mess with them? Give them a hard time like they’re giving you. Then when you’ve had your fun, ask them to remove you from the list.

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