How to Tell Your Parents You Smoke Weed (Legally)

how to tell your parents you smoke weed

how to tell your parents you smoke weedTelling your parents that you use cannabis doesn’t seem like the most exciting prospect.

But as long as you’re using it legally and you have legitimate reasons, then there’s no reason the conversation shouldn’t go smoothly.

Here are some brief tips on how to tell your parents you smoke weed and how to approach the potentially awkward conversation without them flying into a panic.

Set the Scene

It’s probably not the best idea to drop this clanger into conversation at breakfast, between “can I read the sports section” and “pass the cornflakes”.

Choose the right moment to talk to your parents about this. Do it at home, or somewhere you feel the most at ease and where you know they’re going to be relaxed.

This could even be your favorite spot to eat out as a family. A public arena might prove calmer in the long-run.

Wherever it is, sit them down and try to make them feel as if you are being honest and open with them. This is surely what parents want from their kids.

Know Your Stuff

While there’s no set method of how to tell your parents you smoke weed, it’s best if you come armed with the facts.

Be prepared to break the news to them by peppering the chat with the exact reasons you smoke marijuana and why it’s beneficial for you and your health and circumstances.

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And get ready to quash those myths that they’re sure to freak out about.

Explaining the Effects

It’s true that there are different effects from using weed. And the best way to explain your personal reasons for using it to your parents is to talk to them about your own effects and the science behind it.

The cannabis plant contains non-toxic medicines found in the plant (often called cannabinoids or terpenes). Be sure to tell your parents that you are using weed legally and for these medicinal purposes.

Tell them that the best known effects of weed are feelings of relaxation, inspiration, focus and a raising of the spirits.

Point out that no-one has ever died using cannabis. And that the array of medicinal benefits are easily accessible for them to research at the California dispensary you have obtained the drug legally from. And obviously from researching online.

Explain That Marijuana Isn’t Harmful

Studies that have correlated smoking weed with the likes of schizophrenia and IQ levels have proven that there are no negative links.

Smoking marijuana also doesn’t cause cancer, studies believe. Unlike smoking tobacco, which has direct links to lung cancer, there is no evidence that weed has any links to the disease in comparison.

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Explain the Medical Stance on Smoking Weed

While it’s true that there are naysayers in the medical community with regards to using cannabis, it is becoming more widely accepted.

Cannabis use in medicine is simply expanding, much like other forms of herbal medicine. It’s important to make sure your parents know this.

It’s also worth noting to them that synthetic drugs, in contrast, go through tests that cost a lot of money and don’t always pass. Some do pass and are later taken off the shelves due to fresh negative findings.

Cannabis has in fact been proven to be safer as a form of anti-depressant, pain-killer or relaxant than many other government-tested pharmaceuticals.

Now You Know How to Tell Your Parents you Smoke Weed

A simple way to do this is to be adult about it. If they’re closed-minded, don’t react by getting mad at them. It will defeat the point of assuring them you know what you’re doing.

If you need to, list the famous weed smokers of yesteryear that turned out to be renowned and inspirational public figures, such as Bob Marley or President Obama.

But you have to prove you are a sensible, focused person and that you are not letting the drug determine or define who you are or what you do with your life.

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If you can prove that using the drug helps you positively and that it’s being used legally in moderation for the right reasons, then your parents will hopefully come around.

It’s about having respect for them and respect for yourself.

If you have any tips or stories to share about telling your parents you smoke weed, drop them in the comments below.

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