The Best Facebook Statuses for Moms

The Best Facebook Statuses for Moms

Being a mom is one of the greatest things ever. Not only do you have children who make your life complete, but a love that never ends.

Of course, there are difficult days where your child won’t listen, the laundry and dishes don’t end, and it seems like the years drag on forever.

That’s when it’s time to remember the fun and joy that come with parenting little ones. When you need a break, head over and read the best Facebook statuses on being a mom.

Read on and look for some of the highlights other moms showcased with their children.

Kids Getting Too Smart for Their Own Good

One of the best things about being a mom and showing off your children is letting everyone on Facebook know when they say something funny. This could be anything from what they learned in school today, along with some funny unintended observations.

Some funny statuses have included kids saying “I’m going to write a book about how you won’t let me sing!” to calling their mom out for not buying a toy and asking point blank if she doesn’t have any money to do so.

While not all parents would find these situations funny if it happened to them, you can always enjoy reading about the antics of someone else’s child.

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Best Facebook Statuses About Being a Mom

Being a mom is something to celebrate. You get to watch your child grow and develop from a baby to toddler, child, and teenager.

All of these stages come with their own set of unique challenges and dealing with your child changes over time depending on their age. With each passing birthday, you’ll realize the gift of being a mother, and what it means to influence your child as they journey on to adulthood.

Look for statuses that mention the best things in life about being a mom:

  • Your child telling you how much they love you
  • Your child’s smile
  • Your child doing something sweet for you, even if it didn’t turn out perfect (like making breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, complete with burnt toast).

If you’re ever feeling caught up in the problems of the world and have forgotten how to appreciate the little things, just remember these best facebook statuses about mom life and everything it offers.

Kids Growing up Fast But Funny

Children make cute but unknowingly witty observations about life the older they get. Kids have mentioned the funniest things from when we End Daylight Saving Time and questioning what purpose it serves, to going into a detailed explanation that outshines mom’s on how a toaster works.

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Remember, most children don’t intend to say humorous things, but they often do when they use language more advanced than most adults expect. Encourage your youngster to do so – they’ll develop a love of learning as they explain things to others and provide plenty of funny moments, even if they’re unintended.

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