Types of Socks and What They Can Say About Your Personality

types of socks

If you are one of those people who think, ‘no one can see my socks, what does it matter?’, you are being left behind. It’s a brave new world of socks out there, you should really consider getting on board. Or foot.

The type of socks you choose to wear says a lot about you. It’s not just artists or teenaged girls opting for bright bold soaks. People from business centers to Prime Ministers are showing their fun and funky side with great socks.

If you buy your socks in a bag of six in plain white, all hope is not lost! You can discover the fun side of wearing great socks and show people your adventurous side.

Here’s what your socks say about you.

Types of Socks and What They Say

Different colors, different patterns, different fabrics. Dare to break out of the six pack of sweat socks. Wearing colors and patterns means you are adventurous and you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd


There is no reason why you need to stick to black or grey socks with your business suit. Gone are the day of the ‘uniform’ suit. Add some color. Show the world you have adventure and style.

Match your socks with other splashes of color. Get socks to match your ties, pocket squares and even small patterns or designs in your shirt. It manages to pull the whole outfit together and get you noticed.

Using colored socks lets people see you are willing to take risks, without going overboard. It’s subtle yet fun. It shows people you are serious but don’t conform. A bold bit of color sets you apart from the rest of the boring.


Wearing socks with patterns can have a few different meanings. Maybe you have an artistic side, bursting to get out. It’s a great way to express that side when you have to work a regular job. Find great patterned socks at Yo Sox.

It can also show you have a sense of style, by matching up your patterned socks with a pattern in your tie, shirt or subtle pattern in your suit. Finding fun patterned socks can be a fun way to take the mundane out of your business attire.

Mixing patterns can also be fun. Striped socks with a polka dot tie can work, and really show off your sense of style and fun. Make your own rules for what pattern goes with another.

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There are socks with your favorite team’s logo, your favorite cartoon character, your nation’s flag, or socks with food themes, like pizza or fruit, socks with baseballs or tennis rackets and almost anything you dream of.

You can find socks with job-related images, with simple fun themes like hearts, flowers or artistic themes, like music, painting, and dance. You can find all your superheroes to wear on your socks, as well.

What a great way to break the ice and start a conversation with strangers than showing off your funky socks. You know people will ask you about them, so give them something to talk about.

Black Socks

Black socks are not to be discarded. They are boring compared to flashy bright socks, but sometimes you need them. They are the standard for business attire and no sock drawer should be without a few good quality pairs.

White Socks

Everyone has white socks. Back to the six-pack of sweat socks we go. While everyone should have a few good pairs of absorbent white socks, it doesn’t mean you need to wear them with your suit.

There are a time and place for your plain basic socks, but you need to express yourself and open the door to more color, more style, and more fun.

Where to Wear

Finding it hard to find the right time to wear your bright socks? Make the time.

Business Attire

Whether it’s casual Friday or just every day, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear your fun socks. It can make for a boring scene, everyone in their cubicle with the same type of clothing.

Stand out, dress it up and splash that color around. Standing out from the rest of the crowd is important in business, especially when everyone looks the same. It takes very little effort to stand out with great socks.

It’s the perfect touch for every day, for a big meeting, for a presentation or just because. Find some colorful socks and get your other accessories to match around them.


If you have to wear a uniform for your job, what better way to stand out than some super fun socks. It can be very difficult to express your individuality when you have to dress like everyone else.

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Find colors or patterns that match with your uniform, say, if your uniform has blue and white stripes, match the socks with it. Or, just solid colors to match the colors in the uniform.

Maybe you really want to stand out. Often, uniforms are just so, uniform. get crazy with the colors and patterns to really make it all pop. Perfect for nurses, big box employees or delivery people.

Sometimes, it’s just for you, to make yourself feel better. Just knowing you have the fun socks on makes your day go just a bit better and brighter.

Special Events

It’s not unheard of these days for wedding parties to dress up their tuxes. Each person can have some fantastic colors and patterns to make them stand out and express some individuality.

Special meetings at work, your graduation, or find specially themed socks for your sports team. If you have a bowling league, a baseball team at work or with your local pub or for a golf tournament.

A milestone event like a birthday or anniversary can be dressed up by getting everyone funky themed socks. It’s the perfect way to add some fun and color to an event. Get everyone involved to make it even more special.

Make Your Own

If you are creative or on a budget, there are ways to dress up those boring old socks. it takes no time at all to really make those socks sing.


If you are still buying that six-pack of white sweat socks, why not dress them up? You can add your own but of color to them. Try using clothing paint or bedazzling them with rhinestones and beads, to make them stand out and uniquely you.

Just because your job requires you to wear thick socks for protection and comfort, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. What better way to take the boring out of your job than with that splash of color.

Climbing up the power pole, or crawling under someone’s sink with your fancy socks for the world to see your fun and not-so-serious side in a serious job makes a big difference to all.

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If you knit or know someone who does, you can make any type of pattern or color that you want. Find some great colors you like and go to town making your own socks.

While you are at it, maybe throw in some mitts, a scarf or a sweater to go along. You’ll be the envy at the ski party. They make perfect gifts, as well. They are easy to make and easier to make someone happy.

Making your own socks means you get to pick the fabric, the patterns, and the colors. You can build your socks around all your favorite clothes, shoes and needs, and be completely unique at the same time.

Say It With Socks

No longer just an item to keep our feet dry and protect our feet from blisters, they have become the perfect way to accessorize. What better way to add color, style, and pizzazz to an outfit while still keeping it subtle.

There is no reason why socks need to be just socks. Tell the world you have style, a sense of fun and flair and love color. Dressing up your uniform your business suit or your mundane clothing can be easy with great socks.

We needn’t worry about mixing patterns or colors that are deemed opposite or clashing. The socks aren’t as blatant as most articles of clothing and therefore you can go wild and have fun.

Sock iI to Me

Take some time to find as many different types of socks that will make you happy. Get socks to work with all the things you wear, not just work, but for your play time, as well.

Find accessories to go with them, ties, hankies, hats and even jewelry. There is never an excuse for dressing boring. It takes very little effort to add that splash of color to your clothing, and still remain professional.

Be daring. Get creative. have some fun with your fashion choices. It’s the perfect way to punch up your attire, whether it’s for fun or for business. Don’t be shy when it comes to adding color. For more fun, please continue reading here.